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GE CT SCANNER : GE Lightspeed Plus 4 Slice CT


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The GE Lightspeed Plus 4 Slice CT Scanner improves upon coverage, image quality, and exam speed when compared to models that came before it through the incorporation of vari-speed gantry rotation capability. A variety of clinical exams can all be performed better and faster leading to benefits that help cut operating costs, improved departmental productivity, and increased diagnostic confidence. The scanner is air cooled (as are all GE scanners) and so no chiller is needed. The x-ray tube utilized has a of 6.3 MHU, have Solid State Detectors and 70 cm Bores. The Lightspeed Plus 4 Slice can complete one Rotation (one 360 degree turn of the X-ray tube within the gantry) in 0.5 seconds. Faster scan times enable shorter breath holds, more comfortable exams, and a reduced occurrence of rescans due to patient motion during the exam.

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